Delmont Borough Council meetings are held on the 2nd
Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Borough building.

Storm-Water Runoff

Excessive storm-water runoff has moved the path of the creek, exposing the sewage lines in multiple locations.

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The pressure within the concrete manhole stacks forces raw sewage out through the covers and seams.

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Force Main

The acidic nature of the soil surrounding the force main is causing the line to corrode, resulting in leaks.

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Delmont's Raw Sewage Discharges into Beaver Run

This website is dedicated to sharing information about Delmont Borough's failing sewage system, which is discharging raw, untreated human waste and other contaminants onto private property and into the Beaver Run watershed- Westmoreland County's primary municipal water source.

The entire purpose of a sewage system is to safely contain and transport all raw sewage to the treatment facility. Delmont Borough’s sewage is escaping the system with regularity, finding its way onto private property, into the habitats of fish, birds and other wildlife, and into the community’s drinking water.  This is an egregious environmental hazard.

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What You Can Do

Please review the photos and videos and other material contained here. We encourage you to get the word out to as many folks as possible, so that we can encourage the Borough to take necessary action.

Who might be concerned?

  • Those who drink (or cook with, or bathe in, or launder with) Westmoreland County’s municipal water;
  • Those who have sincere concerns about the environmental consequences of frequent and sustained discharges of raw sewage and about the standard of living of this community;
  • And those who respect the rule of law and have strong ethical stances regarding what they are willing to allow or overlook.

We encourage your inquiries, and we especially appreciate phone calls and emails to the various elected officials, governmental agencies, and municipal authorities associated with this issue.

We welcome your comments and concerns. Please contact us via email at:

Thank you.