Force Main

The clay soil surrounding the force main is highly acidic by nature. This soil combined with the iron composition and age of the pipe adversely impacts the integrity of the entire force main.

Over the past three years there have been three known instances of a breach in the force main, all discovered by the property owners – one in June of 2014, one in late summer of 2016 (repaired in February of 2017) and an additional break repaired in early March of 2017 – resulting in raw human waste finding its way to the surface, creating large cesspools that flow directly into Beaver Run Creek.

It is unknown how many other leaks exist in the line that have not yet found their way to the surface or, worse yet, that are seeping sewage undetected directly into the stream where it crosses over the line.

Bear in mind that this raw sewage is being discharged directly into Beaver Run Creek, the main flow source into the Beaver Run ReservoirWestmoreland County’s primary municipal water source.