Tribune Review article – “Salem family still seeking solution to Delmont sewage overflows on their property” March 26, 2018

Tribune Review Letter to the Editor – “Water pollution continues” March 20, 2018

**Note that as part of its due diligence, the Trib editorial staff requested a copy of borough council president Andrew Shissler’s October 10, 2017, correspondence which was referred to in the Letter to the Editor. As requested, we provided that letter to the Trib editorial staff. We also provided our October 18, 2017, response to Mr. Shissler to the Trib editorial staff. We attach both letters here for reference. Note that we have received no further correspondence from Mr. Shissler relevant to these matters.

October 10, 2017

October 18, 2017


Tribune Review article – “Delmont council passes 2018 budget with no tax hike” December 12, 2017

Tribune Review article - "Delmont  pinpoints areas of stormwater infiltration" July 19, 2017

Tribune Review article - "Storm-sewer overflow incidents accrue in Delmont" July 4, 2017 

Public Source article - "Heavy rain means raw sewage in this Westmoreland County community - on private land and in public drinking water" June 7, 2017 

Tribune Review article – “Delmont aims to curb sewage overflow problem” May 10, 2017

Tribune Review article - "Delmont sewage problem drags on" April 17, 2017


Tribune Review article – “Higher Delmont sewage bills will help borough pay for grinder” August 16, 2016

Tribune Review article – “Delmont sewer rate hike targets loan repayment” August 15, 2016

Tribune Review article – “Delmont to care facility: ‘Flushable wipes causing sewer problems” May 25, 2016


Tribune Review article - "Budget issues main focus of Delmont race" October 27, 2015


Tribune Review article – “Delmont considers $4 sewer hike” November 20, 2013

Tribune Review article – “Delmont tackles smell, sewage debt problems from faulty pumps” June 17, 2013


Tribune Review Letter to the Editor – “Wrongly Silenced” March 9, 2015

Tribune Review Greensburg Tuesday Takes “Delmont’s dummy-up policy” March 2, 2015

Tribune Review article – “Policy bars Delmont staff from talking about borough matters” February 25, 2015


All of the Trib articles linked below were originally published in the early 2000s (likely in 2002). According to Trib personnel, the articles were re-dated to 2012 during an archiving process. For example, our archived hard copy of a May 25, 2002, article (“Entities wade through sewage dispute mire”) is verbatim the same article that is currently available on the Trib website re-dated to May 13, 2012. The individuals identified and the content presented within these articles, as well as the by-lines, support the fact that the publication dates have been changed. We are attempting to learn the exact original publication dates of these articles.

Tribune Review article – “Mediator appointed to handle pump-station dispute” May 13, 2012

Tribune Review article – “Delmont: We’re not the ‘bad guys’ in pump-station dispute” May 13, 2012

Tribune Review article – “Entities wade through sewage dispute mire” May 13, 2012

Archived Tribune Review article - "Entities wade through sewage dispute mire" May 25, 2002


WPXI Channel 11 Segment - "Raw sewage problem in Delmont being addressed" April 10, 2015