Property Managers meet with Representative Eric Nelson

On Monday, May 15, 2017, Representative Eric Nelson and his assistant, Maria Beadling, met with representatives of the Trust that manages the subject property to discuss Delmont Borough’s sewer system infrastructure issues. Representative Nelson and Ms. Beadling did also take the time to walk the site of Delmont Borough’s sanitary sewer overflows into the Beaver Run. The Trust representatives wish to express their appreciation for Representative Nelson’s genuine interest in this matter and for his assurance that he will continue to serve as an advocate for solutions to Delmont Borough’s sewage infrastructure issues among representatives of the Trust, the Borough, and the PA DEP. The property managers would also like to thank Mr. Rob Ritson, chief of staff for PA Senator Kim Ward, for attending the meeting and for his insights and perspective as to how the Borough might proceed in obtaining available state funding to address these issues.

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