Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) of June 15, 16 and 19, 2017

As a result of the action taken by the Borough on April 27, 2017, to lock down the manhole stack closest to the Beaver Run (previous post “Manhole Stack Sealed”), Delmont Borough is now actively contaminating new areas of the subject property as a result of sanitary sewer overflows from other manholes “up the line” that have not typically experienced such discharges in the past (see photos below). This action adds exponentially to future costs to remediate all contaminated areas of the subject property as required by law (

Since learning of the Borough’s plan to successively lock down all of the manholes situated on the subject property, representatives of the Trust that manages the property have made multiple requests of Borough representatives for an explanation as to the logic and rationale behind this action and an answer as to where the sanitary sewer overflows will now manifest themselves, given the pressures that build in the gravity flow side of the system due to excessive inflow and infiltration during periods of moderate to heavy rain. As of June 19, 2017, the managers of the subject property have received no response from the Borough other than a verbal reference to a DEP order related to the sealing of the manholes that the Borough cannot produce and that the DEP says does not exist. In addition, representatives of Lennon Smith Souleret, the Borough’s consulting engineers, were not present for either the May 9 or the June 13 public meetings of Delmont Borough council as is customary.

The Trust representatives have asserted and do assert that the action to lock down the manhole covers on the subject property merely serves to move the sanitary sewer overflows to some other location or locations. Moreover, the Trust representatives have asserted and do assert that the residents of Delmont Borough and, indeed, Greater Westmoreland County have a right to transparency on the part of Borough officials on issues such as this that are vital to the community interest.

*All photos from June 16, 2017.

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