Storm Water Damages – August 22, 2017

The photo above, taken just after the moderate rainstorm of August 22, 2017, is of the tributary originating in Delmont Borough as it reaches Salem Township just over the border on its way to Beaver Run Creek. Beaver Run Creek is the primary inflow stream for the Beaver Run Reservoir, the source of drinking water for much of Westmoreland County.

It is evident from the photo, and others like it taken over many years, that Delmont Borough provides very little in the way of controlling its storm water runoff and indeed places no priority on mitigating the resultant damages to the subject property. This is supported by the fact that, per the audited Borough financial statements as filed with the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), Delmont Borough has expended zero dollars for storm water control over the ten year period 2006 to 2015 (the most recent year available on the PA DCED website). See the Borough Financials tab on this site.

The frequent, unchecked and prolonged storm water runoff occurrences from the Borough with each even moderate rainfall event are not only causing significant erosion and flood damage to the property along the stream, it also adversely affects the aquatic plant and animal life and the entire ecosystem of the Beaver Run Watershed through the deposit of sediment, bacteria, trace metals, road salt, synthetic chemicals and other dangerous toxins. Delmont Borough has been aware of its storm water runoff issues for at least the last two decades. The PA DEP also has been aware of the issue since it first manifested itself to this extreme and has provided no meaningful enforcement of environmental law nor has it mandated any corrective action plan regarding such events.

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